The amazing opening session of the 2019 Diamond Cup India caught all the attention for Fitness fans and authorities attending Aurangabad (Maharastra), in one of the largest sports events celebrated in India, during this season.

Fantastic athletes from Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Asia fought up for the titles, the medals and the points for the IFBB World Ranking, besides the 4 Elite Pro Cards offered today at the Divisional Sports Complex Stadium of Aurangabad.

The main winners were:

Bikini (Open):   Anaelle Lopez (Tahiti/French Polynesia)

Women´s Physique:  S. Pawar Harshada (India)

Men´s Physique (-171 cm): Zeeshan Mizami Mohammad (India)

Men´s Physique (-175 cm): Pardharinath Patil Girish (India)

Men´s Physique (-180 cm): Raj Piyush (India)

Men´s Physique (+180 cm): Shanmugam Vivekanand (India)

Tomorrow, 17th Sunday will be the closing session with the competition in Classic Bodybuilding and Bodybuilding, spreading 9 Elite Pro Cards for the best winners.

Picture: Men´s Physique Overall winner, Pardharinath Patil Girish (India); crowned by AFBF/IBBFF Gral. Secretary, Mr. Sanjay More (right side).