At this second edition, Diamond Cup Rome put together an amazing Amateur and Pro Masters event.

Over 250 athletes were competing at Marriott Rome Park Hotel, one of the best venues for an international event in all over the world, and for this 2019 again the quality of the facilities and athletes level were more than enough for another big success.

Italian federation team, with President Benedetto Mondello, did an amazing job in a very long competition (within only one day!!) showing that the efficiency of this Federation is on the top of the world rankings. Dr. Rafael Santonja attended this championship final, presenting the awards for all the overall winners in their class, giving the welcome to winners to IFBB Elite Pro ranks.

We are just waiting for the 2020 edition to come back again!!!

President Dr. Rafael Santonja, Roberto Remacho overall winner in Classic Physique, and Benedetto Modello, President of the Italian Federation.