The Diamond Cup Madrid 2019 was a complete success, the organizing committee, the Spanish Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (FEFF), led by their President José Ramos and Madrid Federation President Javier Parra did a remarkable job, many athletes gather this weekend in the beautiful capital of Spain to be part of this incredible competition. We also had the presence of the IFBB Presidente Dr. Rafael Santonja, just arrived from the World Assembly of National Olympic Committee in Doha.

The lucky’s athletes that took these prices home were in Master Men’s Bodybuilding Overall, Jose Luis Castano (Spain), in Women´s Bikini Fitness Overall, Lina Bejarano Real (Spain), in Women’s Bodyfitness Overall, Filipa Santos (Portugal), in  Men’s Classic Bodybuilding Overall, Jose Miguel Gomez (Spain), in Men’s Physique Overall, Sidy Pouye (Spain) and in Men’s Bodybuilding Overall, Timoteo Boza (Spain).

In the picture, Winner of Men’s Bodybuilding Overall, Timoteo Boza from Spain, along with all the judges and officers of the event.