Another amazing year of the IFBB-CBBA Belt and Road competition, whit a remarkable and stoning organization, one of the most beautiful and impressive openings shows we had ever seen, like those that take your breath away.

The local organizing committee led by Zhang Penggang, with the CBBA President Mr. Zhang Haifeng and the General Secretary Mr. Gu Qiao, once again did an upstanding job, with an event full of performances that we just can resume in one word, spectacular!

The open ceremony was lead by a warm and exciting speech of the IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja.

Athletes from all over the world have the joy to be part of this astonishing competition that took place in Xi´an, China, last October 10th-14th, 2019 in the mythical capital of the Chinese Empire.

The main winners of this great competition were in Men’s Classic Bodybuilding Overall, Zhang Lez Zhao (China), Women’s Bikini Fitness Overall, Xue Fer Zhang (China), Men’s Physique Overall, Zhen Qu Lin (China), and Men’s Bodybuilding Overall, Zhou Chen (China).

General Results: https://ifbb.com/wp-content/uploads/PDF/RESUTS/2019/B&RChina2019%20(1).pdf

Videos from the competition:

2019 BELT & ROAD Registration报道: https://vimeo.com/366648139

2019 BELT & ROAD Opening Ceremony开幕式: https://vimeo.com/366648777

2019 BELT & ROAD First Day Competition比赛第一天: https://vimeo.com/366649106

2019 BELT & ROAD Closing Ceremony闭幕式: https://vimeo.com/366649507