Small details make big differences in High Performance sports and Bodybuilding is not an exception. One of the reasons about the evolution and growth of our sport, in the Gulf area, is the investment in education and skills that athletes and coaches are performing, joined by National Federations and IFBB Academy, with continuos activities.

Recent weekend 27th – 28th April, IFBB Academy held a new edition of the Advanced Nutrition Course, in Dubai (UAE); led by prestigious international presenter, Dr. Erico Caperuto (Brazil). Over 30 students, including top international athletes and coaches, attended this event in which nutritional strategies for competition and long term basic skills about nutrition were revealed to the participants.

Under the leadership of its president, Mr. Abdul Karim Mohammed Saeed; IFBB Academy continues boosting Bodybuilding in the Gulf Area and bringing key information for health and high performance, joined by sport specialists as Vice-president Zayed Al-Jallaf, Jassim Ashkanani, (director of Public Relations) and Walid Abdulkarim Mohammed. Recently, the academy made an special agreement of collaboration with well-reputed local institution as Dubai Police Sport Academy, consolidating its prestige as educational partner.

Picture: (Above) IFBB Academy president Mr. Abdul Karim Mohammed Saeed (right) and Vice-president Zayed Al-Jallaf (left), with Dr. Eric Caperuto, and with some of the students who attended the recent Advanced Nutrition Course, in Dubai (UAE).