The Finnish Fitness Sports Association (IFBB sanctioned National Federation, recognized by the Finnish Olympic Committee and supported by the Finnish Government) celebrated its Annual Meeting on March 25, at Hotel Cumulus Lahti: a very familiar place to many IFBB competitors and officials.

The Executive Board was elected, with the following names and positions:

President: KP Ourama
Vice-President: Pasi Lakaniemi
Treasurer and General Secretary: Aino-Maija Laurila
Secretary: Petri Helenius
Member & Anti-Doping Committee: Maija Jouhki
Executive Director: Ville Isola
Executive Assistant to President: Johnny Kankala
Head of Judges Committee: Arja Halmo

Besides its position as Executive Director, Ville Isola does a very important work as having Fitness Trainer courses, at the Finnish Olympic Training Center, in Vierumäki. In a year, almost 100 coaches have got their official Fitness Coach diploma from 3-weekend camp.

The Finnish Fitness Sports Association will have 2 major events this year: Disturb Fitness Classic, on April, at the Helsinki House of Culture and Finnish Fitness & Bodybuilding National Championships, at Nordic Fitness Expo, in Lahti.

Picture: Finnish Fitness Sports Association Executive Board: Petri Helenius (Secretary), Aino-Maija Laurila (Treasurer and General Secretary), KP Ourama (President), Pasi Lakaniemi (Vice-President), Maija Jouhki (Member and Anti-Doping Committee), Johnny Kankala (Executive Assistant) and Ville Isola (Executive Director).