Perfectly organized by the Italian Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation chaired by Mr Benedetto Mondello, the beautiful city of Genoa held an interesting IFBB Judges Seminar, recent weekend 24th-25 March, designed to update the skills of Italian judges, coaches and athletes.

The Chairman of the IFBB Judges Committee, Mr Pawel Filleborn was the lecturer of the Seminar, in his third visit to Italy to offer this important educational meeting for all the persons involved in our sport, nowadays. The event was registered an important number of participants, including Italian Executives as Mr Marco Bosco (IFBB Legal Adviser) and Mr Ivano Bianchi; experienced international judges as Walter Ghezzy and Alex Balestri, and professional athletes as Giada Simari; besides other important personalities. This year 2018, all of them will have important appointments with IFBB events as IFBB Panatta World Cup (Rimini; June 1st – 3rd) and Diamond Cup Italy (Rome; November 2nd – 4th).

Picture: IFBB Judges Committee Chairman, Mr Pawel Filleborn and IFBB-Italy president, Mr Benedetto Mondello, surrounded by some of the participants at the Judges Seminar celebrated in Genoa.