As previously reported, the 1st. European Fit Model Championships organized by the Latvian Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (LBBFF), became in a great experience and success. The attention from media, supporters and new enthusiast of healthy life style, about this event, represents the beginning of a new era in which new athletes who follows Fitness, as a lifestyle, can achieve the right recognition and fame from the society.

Under the experience of Mrs. Christina Vedernikova -LBBFF president-, the event will have its 2nd. edition in 2018, in the Spring. This is a great news, but not the only one: Fit Model will shows, in 2018, another event open worldwide: the 1st. World Fit Model Cup, in Autumn.

Included in the 2018 IFBB Official calendar, Fit Model will have this events:

April 22nd: 2nd. IFBB European Fit Model Cup. 
October 14th: 1st. IFBB World Fit Model Cup

Picture: LBBFF president, Mrs. Christina Vedernikova and LBBFF vice-president, Mr. Vladimir Belov; with the overall champion in 1st. IFBB European Fit Model Cup: Alisa Mikhailenko (Russia).