From the city of Kladno, Czech Republic, the great Fitness Mania Championship has taken place once again, with the participation of a large number of competitors from 15 countries. Creating an energizing atmosphere of competition and friendship among all the athletes.

At the Dům Kultury (House of Culture) and organized by the well-known promoter Mr. Iurii Shcherbakov, magnificent trophies were awarded to all the finalists and beautiful gold and silver pendants were given to the overall winners:

Here are the winners:
Men’s bodybuilding overall 105 Josef Drda
Men’s physique overall 88 Jan Lukasevic
Women’s bikini overall 74 Eve Luhtala
Women’s wellness overall 45 Anastassia Toikka

Congratulations to all the athletes and to the organizing team in the Czech Republic for the excellent championship.