GU DIAN, also known by his English name Will, has been actively competing in the Men’s Fit-Model category since 2018, marking a dedicated journey of five years.

His involvement in modeling dates back to high school, and upon graduating from the Beijing Film Academy in 2011, he transitioned into a professional actor for television and movies.

His alma mater, often referred to as “The Star Factory” in China, played a significant role in shaping his career.

Having embarked on the competitive path, GU DIAN’s well-toned physique opened doors to numerous opportunities in the Greater China region, South Korea, and even New York.
His journey included a notable experience as the lead actor in an independent Hollywood movie.

The pinnacle of his competitive career came in 2018 when he secured his first national championship.
The following year, in 2019, he proudly represented China in the inaugural IFBB Fit-Model Championship held in Riga, Latvia, emerging as the champion of that prestigious event.

In 2023, GU DIAN participated in the Asian Championship in Beirut, Lebanon, and the World Championship in Vilnius, Lithuania, where he clinched the bronze medal.

Following his Latvian victory in 2019, his aspirations evolved towards becoming a promoter for the Men’s Fit-Model category.
He envisions this category as the gateway for newcomers to enter the IFBB bodybuilding world.

With five years of experience in this category, GU DIAN is committed to leveraging his expertise to elevate the profile of Men’s Fit-Model, simultaneously pushing himself to new heights. He eagerly anticipates witnessing a growing influx of fresh faces in this dynamic category.