Four IFBB disciplines -Men´s Games Classic Bodybuilding, Men´s Physique, Bikini and Fitness- will be a part of the next 2018 South American Games that will be held in Cochabamba (Bolivia), in its 11th edition. Organized by the General Assembly of the South American Sport Organization (ODESUR), this Games are the most important sport event in the area and will register the participation of 14 South American and Caribbean countries.

President Santonja took the opportunity to meet with the president of the Bolivian Olympic Committee, Dr. Marco Antonio Arze Mendoza, during the ODESUR General Assembly, and render thanks about his support for the presence of IFBB in Cochabamba 2018, joining other 35 sports. Dr. Marco Antonio Arze is, as well, president of the Bolivian Basketball National Federation and has been the president of the Sports State Assembly of Cochabamba, during the period 2008-2016.

Picture: Dr. Marco Antonio Arze Mendoza, president of the Bolivian Olympic Committee, with Dr. Rafael Santonja, in the ODESUR General Assembly.