The IFBB is working with the International Federations of Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Armwrestling and Tug of War in the launching of the first “United Power Games”
The United Power Games is a promissory project of multisport Games which is moving forward consistently and will include in its program all the sports which are related to strength under the umbrella of GAISF.
Santa Susanna (Spain) 2020 is being evaluated as the most consistent place and date for the first edition of these Games, being Santa Susanna a renamed world active touristic destination, with great compromise with sport and cultural activities.
More information to come soon
at the picture, at the emblematic Gran Via in Madrid, from left to the right, Manuel Martin-  IFBB Exco. Director, Jose Ramos – IFBB Treasurer and President of the Spanish Federation, Jose Quiñones – Vice President of International Weightlifting Federation, Joan Campolier – Major of Santa Susanna, President Rafael Santonja, Renzo Vitto – President of the Peruvian Weightlifting Federation and Gaston Parage – President of the International Powerlifting Federation. The meeting was as well attended via video conference by Armwrestling and Tug of War