Jamaica is a well-known country for many reasons, amongst the most important ones are its outstanding Olympic Champions (especially sprinters and athletic legends) and is as well a country in which the sport of Bodybuilding and Fitness is tremendously popular.

The President of the Jamaica Olympic Committee, Mr Christopher Samuda, is a very prestigious Attorney-at-Law with great experience in the areas related to sport. His profession and life experience gave him a very open mind for sport and outstanding leadership capacities.

President Samuda is working with IFBB in the full integration of the Jamaica Bodybuilding Federation under the Olympic umbrella.

This will be very beneficial for Jamaican Bodybuilding and Fitness athletes and for our sport in general in the Caribbean.

IFBB thanks to President Samuda for his support and outstanding to the IFBB and the Bodybuilding and Fitness sport.

Picture left to right: Eduardo Abdalah, IFBB Vice President; IFBB President Rafael Santonja; Mr. Cristopher Samuda President of the Jamaica Olympic Committee; Garth Gayle, Jamaica Olympic Committee 2nd Vice President; General Estrada, IFBB Especial Advisor