The small break for competitions, in Europe, is a great moment for judges to update their skills and the IFBB Judges Committee has been sensible to this opportunity. Organized by the Estonian Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (EKFL) chaired by Mr. Ergo Metsla, the coming next Friday 10th August, will take place an IFBB Judges Course & Seminar, at the Hotel Viru (Tallin), presented by the IFBB Judges Chairman, Mr. Pawel Filleborn.

More details and registration: info@kulturism.ee

After the Estonian experience, Mr. Filleborn will fly to Kaunas (Lithuania) to offer, on Sunday, August 12th; a new Seminar & Course for the Lithuanian judges, athletes and officials. 

More details and registration: smartinkiene@gmail.com

These courses are specially designed for judges, officials, coaches and athletes; in order to get the latest information about judging criteria and key points to score every IFBB Division.