The presence of President Santonja in Lausanne for the International Swimming Federation (FINA) 110th Anniversary, served to meet with the main leaders of the Olympic Family, such as Dr. Robin E. Mitchell, IOC member and current president of the Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC); where the IFBB is recognized and our sports are progressing continuously.

Oceania is a wide continent that covers an immense territory, where the countries separated by great distances across the sea, as Dr. Mitchell – a native of the Fiji island- really well knows. However, these distances are not insurmountable for the presence of Bodybuilding in the main IFBB international events, thanks to a great job of the Oceania Bodybuilding & Fitness National Federations, always ready to join the sports commitments.

Picture: Dr. Robin E. Mitchell, president of ONOC, during his meeting with Dr. Rafael Santonja, in Lausanne.