She received a diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis, a challenging disease that led to increasing fatigue. Dependence on 24-hour oxygen and a wheelchair became necessary as the condition progressed. Eventually, a crucial lung transplant took place in 2011, with her receiving the gift of a left lung through organ donation. Recovery was remarkable, and she transformed into an accomplished athlete in Athletics, securing the title of a two-time world champion in the 100m sprint for transplant recipients, all while operating with just one functioning lung. Facing a setback due to a knee injury this year, she gracefully shifted her focus to bodybuilding as a new challenge. Her aim was to showcase the remarkable progress a transplanted individual can achieve through dedicated training and a disciplined diet. Throughout this journey, she received invaluable support from Gabriel Merlim and Tanise Micheloti. Her dream came true when she became the first Brazilian transplant recipient to partake in a bodybuilding championship, using the platform to emphasize the critical importance of organ donation.  Believing in the power of sports as an instrument for inclusion and health promotion, she continues to inspire others with her resilience and determination.