The largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates hosts a new edition of the championship that is strongly establishing itself in the region: IFBB Dubai Muscle Classic. Organized by the United Arab Emirates Bodybuilding Federation, the event took place at the spectacular Dubai World Trade Centre and had the distinguished presence of the IFBB federation’s president, Dr. Rafael Santonja. An intense day of the best in fitness and bodybuilding was experienced. Among the most outstanding competitors are: Men’s Classic Bodybuilding Overall:Vahid Vahdat Men’s Bodybuilding Overall:Iliya Ashtiani Muscular Men’s Physique Overall: Ali moradi Men’s Physique Overall: Ali Alnaqbi Women’s Bikini Overall:Aneta Ticha Women’s Wellness:Asja Duzel Congratulations to the IFBB Dubai team and the organizers of the Dubai Muscle Show, one of the most attractive fitness expos held worldwide.