The Mexican Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (FMFF) chaired by Mr. Francisco Cabezas hold this weekend, June 22nd to 24th; their 2018 National Championship, with a wide participation of athletes, officials and supporters from the whole country.

The event, qualifier for the Arnold Classic Europe for the best 6 athletes, is being held in Guadalajara (Jalisco State), at the “Complejo Nissan de Gimnasia”; with the full support of regional federation chaired by Prof. Alberto González. The IFBB is very proud of the promotion for Bodybuilding & Fitness boosted by the FNFF -fully recognized by the Mexican Olympic Committee– and two Vice-presidents area, as Mr Marco Cabezas (North America) and Mr. Eduardo Abdalah (Central America), are attending the important event.

Picture: Mexican athletes, at the registration session (above) and IFBB executives Cabezas (IFBB Vice-president for North America), Mr. Eduardo Abdalah (IFBB Vice-president for Central America) and Mr. Francisco Cabezas (FMFF president) (below).