Santiaguense, Ramón Peralta, won the great absolute of bodybuilding, while Dania Isabel Escoboza, Martha Mañón, Albenis Lora, Edwin Luciano, and Estnel Matta, achieved the other important diadem, last Sunday, in the National Championship the Mister Dominican Republic for rookies of bodybuilding and fitness.

In the event, held at the La Fiesta theater, at the Jaragua hotel, in the Dominican capital, Peralta, he won the absolute bodybuilding event. To reach the final, he had won the semi-heavyweight category, in which he left Roberto second. Rodríguez; in third place to Estnel Matta and fourth to José Martínez.
While, Escoboza, who won the bikini Overall, was first in up to 158 cm (centimeters) of height, where he was followed by, second, Johanny Roedán; third, Carmen Taveras; fourth, Denise López and fifth, Laura Pérez, she also won in the junior category, being second, Kimberly Kinsley; third, Tania Esmeralda Martínez; fourth, Clarivel Navarro and fifth, Camila Marie Cestero.

Another winner of the great trophies was, Mañón, from Santo Domingo, who stayed with absolute wellness, had already triumphed in the category more than 163cm, with second for Yarelys Piliers; third, María Elisabeth Castillo; fourth, Francis Roque and fifth, Eliany Domínguez.

Lora, from Santiago, the winner of the absolute men’s physique, had already triumphed in up to 172cm, leaving Emil Castro second; third, Roque Sánchez; fourth, Julio Comas and fifth, Jerlin Joel Ledesma, he had also won a junior in that category, in which the second one was, Anthony Espinal; third, Sánchez; fourth, Comas and fifth, Luís Hernández.

For his part, the captain Luciano, who was the absolute leader in men’s physique muscular, reached the final by winning more than 175cm, where he was second, Reggie Alcántara; third, Estnel Matta; fourth, Jorge Luís Ramírez and fifth, Melvin Camilo.

Likewise, the Santiago Matta, who won the men’s physique classic absolute, triumphed in more than 172cm, being second, Pedro Batista; third, Rolando Sosa; fourth, Framer Mesa and fifth, Luis Bordas.


Bikini’S up to 163cm, first, Neuly Corona, from Sosúa; second, Clavel Navarro; third, Rosalina Paulino; fourth, Camila Marie Cestero and fifth, Yokaira Tejeda; up to 167cm, first, Lorena Ivelisse Gómez, from Santo Domingo; second, Kimberly Kinsley; third, Cristina Cepín and fourth, Katia Rosa Peña; up to 167cm, first, Awilda Belén, of Cotuí; second, Lissett Aquino; third, Tania Esmeralda Martínez and fourth, Joselyn Mariel Bloise.
Body fitness, first, Sugey Alvarez, from Santo Domingo; wellness up to 163cm, first, Jessica Ferreira, from Santiago; second, Emely Humbria; third, Mabell Guzmán; fourth, Dolores Rodríguez and fifth, Nikaury Marrero; men’s physique up to 175cm, first, Luís Hernández, from the capital; second, Anderson Estrella; third, Jhagil Concepción; fourth, Domingo Bencosme and fifth, Starling Serrano.

Men’s physique up to 180cm, first, Javier María, from Santiago; second, Anthony Espinal; third, Kelvin Herrera; fourth, Félix Augusto Hernández and fifth, Eduardo Santos; more than 182cm, first, Yoryi Díaz, from the capital; second, Ramón García; third, Luís Cordero; fourth, Joel Delgado and fifth, Arturo Saviñón; muscular men’s physique up to 175cm, first, Abel Raposo, from Santiago; second, Marcos Aurelio Castro; third, César Rodríguez; fourth, Marcos Kelly and fifth, Franklin Bournigal.

Men’s classic physique up to 172cm, first, Teddy Amor Franco, from Santiago; second, Brahian Solano; third, Luís Manuel Rivera; fourth, Pedro Miguel Páula and fifth, Irving Patrone; classic bodybuilding, first, Estnel Matta Marchena, from Santiago; second, Pedro Batista; third, Raymond Aponte; fourth, Marino de la Cruz and fifth, Rolando Sosa; lightweight bodybuilding, first, Pedro Miguel Páula, from the capital; second, Felix Espinosa and third, Porfirio Canela.
Welter’s bodybuilding, first, Amor Franco, from Santiago; second, Roberto de Jesús Gálvez; third, Luís Manuel Rivera; fourth, Irving Patrone and fifth, Roberto de León; medium category, first, Pedro Batista, of Bonao; second, Ronny Alvarez; third, Raymond Aponte; fourth, Brahian Solano and fifth, Ricardo Alvarez.

To start the competition, the federated, doctor Félix Batista Soto, said a religious prayer, then the National Anthem was played and Mr. Tony Peña R., president of the Dominican Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, expressed the central speech, then proceeded to deliver the international judges cards to Joe Alexander Ramírez and Güerino Richieutti, the event was sponsored by, Universal Fitness, Nutrisalud, Chanlatte, Tony’s Gym, Sport Line Apparel, IDFF, and others.

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