Near 200 Bodybuilding & Fitness athletes from Paraguayan Bodybuilding Association (EPF&PFI) are competing during this weekend, in Asunción -the capital city- in a new edition of the main event organized by this organization recognized by IFBB and led efficiently by president Mr. Víctor Niella.

The event, celebrated at the prestigious “Centro Cultural Guaraní”; started on Saturday 24th with a free Technical Seminar for athletes and coaches about training, judging criteria and first aid; and will continue today, Sunday 25th; with the competition in front of a wide audience (all the tickets have been sold out).

The charismatic “Mr. Paraguay” has a nice tradition: before starting the competition, all the athletes go to the stage, wearing the t-shirts from their respective Gym, and they were thrown to the audience: a fantastic way to promote Bodybuilding & Fitness.

Picture: Mr. Paraguay 2019: the most important event in the country.