Continuing with the success of the previous contest celebrated in the touristic city of Nafplio (Ester Pelopponese; Greece); the 1st. IFBB Nafplio Classic Pro Qualifier was another step forward in the promotion of Bodybuilding in Greece. 

Organized by the well-know promoter and athlete, Tasos Koligkionis with the support of Greek Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation chaired by Mr. Jordan Leventelis; athletes from more than 20 countries participated in this event that spread 22 Elite Pro Cards

The main winners were, as follows:

  • Bodybuilding (-95 Kg): Andrea Bolzoni (Italy)
  • Bodybuilding (+95 Kg): Dominik Dortl (Germany)
  • Classic Bodybuilding: Tomas Sentinek (Slovakia)
  • Classic Physique: Tomas Sentinek (Slovakia)
  • Men´s Physique (-173 cm): Bilal Fakir (Belgium)
  • Men´s Physique (-178 cm): Lucca Palazzolo (Italy)
  • Men´s Physique (+178 cm): Sidy Pouye (Spain)
  • Muscular Men´s Physique: Sergi Tkachenko (Ukraine)
  • Bodyfitness (-160 cm): Rocío Araujo (Spain)
  • Bodyfitness (+160 cm): Angela Eramo (Italy)
  • Bikini (-160 cm): Lina Bejarano (Spain)
  • Bikini (-166 cm): Ana Sorokina (Spain)
  • Bikini (+166 cm): Agne Kiviselg (Estonia)
  • Women’s Physique: Nora Kollia (Greece)
  • Wellness: Kateryna Prokopieva (Ukraine)

Full results can be checked at the next link:

Picture: Ana Sorokina (Spain), Bikini Overall winner joined by EBFF Vice-president, Mr. José Ramos, and Mr. Jordan Leventelis.