Continuing with the great success of the inaugural edition, in 2018; the touristic and beautiful village of Nafplio (Ester Pelopponese; Greece) will host the 2nd. edition of “IFBB President Santonja´s Cup”, on coming next 5th to 7th April, organized by the well-known promoter and athlete, Tasos Koligkionis, with the support of Greek Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation chaired by Mr. Jordan Leventelis.

The President Santonja´s Cup is open to all the IFBB-affiliated National Federations from Europe, Asia, and Africa, and will be held at the Municipal Stadium of Nafplio offering the next disciplines:

  • Bodybuilding (Junior, Master & Absolute)
  • Classic Bodybuilding (Master & Absolute)
  • Classic Physique (Absolute)
  • Men´s Physique (Master & Absolute)
  • Muscular Men´s Physique (open)
  • Bodyfitness (Master & Absolute)
  • Bikini (Junior, Master & Absolute)
  • Women’s Physique (open)
  • Wellness (open)

The competition is an Elite Pro Qualifier tournament, with up to 10 Elite Pro Cards for the main winners in Bodybuilding (3), Classic Bodybuilding (1), Men´s Physique (1), Classic Physique (1), Bikini (2), Wellness (1), and Bodyfitness (1). Every winner will be eligible to participate at the linked IFBB Elite Pro Nafplio Championship, with 26.000 € in cash prizes that will be held, immediately after, at the same venue.