Following its traditional summer meeting, Mr. Vitor Reis -president of Portuguese Federation (PBBF)- and Mr. Jose Ramos -president of Spanish Federation (FEFF)- visited IFBB president Dr. Rafael Santonja in his native town, Béjar; joined by other executive officials as Carlos Ramos -regional president in Catalonia-, Jose Maria Garcia -in Andalucía-,
Victor Hernández -in Castilla & Leon- and Duda Reis -IFBB statistician-.

The meeting was held in an historical building from 15th century, taking the opportunity to review the next coming IFBB season in Spain, Portugal and in South Europe where it will be held several international contest. They spoke specially about three important events as the 8th Arnold Classic Europe (Barcelona) and the 2018 World Men´s Championships (Benidorm) -both in Spain- and the 2018 IFBB Mediterranean Championships that will be held in Portugal.

The historic city of Béjar will be the venue for 2019 Castilla & Leon Regional Championships

Picture: (Left to Right) Victor Hernández, José María García, FEFF president José Ramos, Dr. Rafael Santonja, Carlos Ramos, PBBF president Vitor Reis and Mrs. Duda Reis.