On Friday 14th December, President Santonja flu from IFBB Headquarters to Algeria, in order to attend the 2018 African Men´s & Master Bodybuilding Championships, held in the city of Kolea (Tipaza), organized by the Algerian Bodybuilding, Fitness and Powerlifting Federation (AFBBFPL) led by Mr. Moussa Messaour.

This is the second international Bodybuilding event organized by the AFBBFPL, showing the important development of our sport in the country where, this 2018, two athletes from Bodybuilding and Powerlifting are included in the Top 5 of Algerian athletes, recognized by the national authorities.

President Santonja will attend the Championships and will celebrate, as well, some official meetings with Sport Executives as Mr. Mustapha Berraf -president of the Association of National Olympic Committess of Africa- and Mr. Amar Addadi -president of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games-.

Picture: President Santonja joined by AFBBFPL president, Moussa Messaour, Mr. Pawel Filleborn and other Algerian and African IFBB officials.