Once again, Algeria becomes in the meeting country for African Bodybuilding, with the 2018 edition of the IFBB African Bodybuilding, Classic Bodybuilding & Men´s Physique Championships, organized in the city of Kolea, nearby the capital city, Algiers.

The event, scheduled for Friday 14th and Saturday 15th December; is another opportunity for the dynamic Algerian Bodybuilding, Fitness & Powerlifting Federation (AFBBFPL), chaired by president Moussa Messaour, to introduce internationally its Male National Team, composed by over 70 athletes, in this three sport Divisions. Beside them, near 20 officials and judges have been coordinating, all the details with perfect accuracy, during the weight-in and registration process held on the Friday session.

Picture: Experienced AFBBFPL officials, preparing the Parade of Nations for Saturday 15th December.