The recent 52nd Asian Championships held in Ulan Baatar (Mongolia) has evidenced the important progression of Bodybuilding & Fitness, in the South East area of Asia; an important cultural and economy space where lives near 600 million people and where IFBB-affiliated National Federations are growing in a regular manner, boosted by their respective dynamic officials.

In the picture, we can see some of this executive officer from the South East area of the Asian Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (AFBF) joining the new elected president, Mr. Ochir Gambaatar and IFBB President, Dr. Rafael Santonja. 

From right to left we can see Edmund Chong (Malaysia), Komang Arnawa (Indonesia), Rowena Walters (Philippines), President Santonja, Ochir Ganbaatar (AFBF President), Alex M. Betts (Singapore), Sanjay More (AFBF General Secretary) and Gu Qiao (chairman of AFBF Judges Committee).