With a beautiful and exciting show, held in Riga – Latvia capital city-, the 2nd IFBB European Fit Model Cup took place on recent April 22nd, organized by the Latvian Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (LBFBF) chaired by Mrs. Christina Vedernikova.

An important number of athletes from Austria, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Malta, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia took part in the event that, according to IFBB rules, competitors were divided into 3 categories and evaluated in 4 rounds (Semifinals in 2 rounds and Finals in 2 rounds).

The 1st round was in a one-piece tight-fitting swimsuit; the 2nd round was the presentation of the athletes in an evening gown. In the Finals, 3rd and 4th rounds were reserved for the Top 6 with the same sequence on the stage.

The best European Fit Model athletes demonstrated the fantastic level, well-shaped bodies and beautiful visual style. Elegant swimsuits, sophisticated evening gowns which make an accent on healthy and trained body shape and lines, excellent stage makeup and hairstyles, overall athletes presentation…. all of these components emphasized the natural beauty of the participants and the attractive, with their athletic bodies but not too muscular.

After the 3 Awards Ceremonies, the Super Final took place and Anzelika Moiseenko (Russia) won the Absolute 2018 Fit Model Title.

Results (Top 6):

FIT MODEL SHORT (-163 cm):

1st place: Inna Petrova (Russia)

2nd place: Olena Kurdiukova (Ukraine)

3rd place: Yulia Mironova (Russia)
4th place: Elina Abolina (Latvia)

5th place: Tatjana Jevsejeva (Latvia)

6th place: Marika Cassar (Malta)


1st place Mariia Efimova (Russia)

2nd place Patrycja Kolacz-Buka (Poland)

3rd place Akvile Judzinskyte (Lithuania)
4th place: Zoia Kirzon (Russia)

5th place: Carina Peitler (Austria)

6th place: Julija Korototš (Estonia)

FIT MODEL TALL (+168 cm):

1st place Anzhelika Moiseenko (Russia)

2nd place Maryna Polapa (Ukraine)

3rd place Ilona Balvas (Ukraine)
4th place: Victoriia Saveleva (Russia)

5th place: Olga Sibanova (Estonia)

6th place: Alena Bokhan (Russia)

Photo by Gabor Varszegi (Eastlabs ru/sk)