As previously reported, the Jaragua Hotel & Casino held yesterday Saturday 24th, the first session of the 2018 IFBB Diamond Cup Caribe, organized by Dominican Bodybuilding Federation (FDFF) with the participation of athletes from America, Europe and Asia.

The winners in every category got 7 points for the 2018 World Ranking and were, as follows:

Bodybuilding (-70 Kg): Jorge Francisco (Dominican Rep.)
Bodybuilding (-80 Kg): Jimson Janga (Curaçao)
Bodybuilding (-85 Kg): Pedro Azo (Dominican Rep.)
Bodybuilding (+85 Kg): Jorge Escalera (Mexico)
Classic Bodybuilding: Erick Sanchez (Guatemala)
Muscular Men´s Ph. (-173 cm): Denis Morillo (Dominican Rep.)
Muscular Men´s Ph. (+173 cm): Luis Soliman (Dominican Rep.)
Men´s Ph. (-173 cm): Joan Perez (Dominican Rep.)
Men´s Ph. (-179 cm): Carlos Pou (Dominican Rep.)
Men´s Ph. (+179 cm): Jean Ganot (Haiti)
Men´s Ph. (Junior): Carlos Pou (Dominican Rep.)
Men´s Ph. (Master): Jose Soriano (Dominican Rep.)
Bikini Fitness (-160 cm): Paula Mocior (Poland)
Bikini Fitness (-166 cm): Timea Trajtelova (Slovakia)
Bikini Fitness (+166 cm): Marvin Laurence (Curaçao)
Bikini Fitness (Master): Anita Szymczak (Poland)
Bodyfitness: Sofia Almeida (Portugal)
Wellness: Daniela Aguila (Mexico)
Women’s Ph.: Tanya Moxey (Bahamas)

Full results, coming soon in