Recent finished 2018 IFBB Diamond Cup Caribe -held in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)- became in a great success for the sport, with the excellent organization led by the Dominican Bodybuilding Federation (FDFF), chaired by Mr. Toni Peña.

The second international event of the season has been a Pro Elite Qualifier event in which the winners and 2nd places in the Super Final became eligible to apply for the Elite Pro card. Some of them accepted the new status and made their debut, in the Elite Pro La Hispaniola Grand Prix celebrated, after the Diamond Cup Caribe, at the magnificent Jaragua Hotel & Casino.

Overall Winners Diamond Cup Caribe:

Bodybuilding: Pedro Azo (Dominican Republic)
Muscular Men´s Physique: Denis Morillo (Dominican Republic)
Men´s Physique: Jean Ganot (Haití)
Classic Bodybuilding: Erick Sánchez (Guatemala)
Bikini Fitness: Paula Mocior (Poland)
Bodyfitness: Sofia Almeida (Portugal)
Wellness: Daniela Aguila (México)

Picture: Paula Mocior (Poland) won the Super Final, in Bikini Fitness, and the Elite Pro Card. She made her professional debut, at La Hispaniola Elite Pro, in the best way: earning the title!