When the focus of the action is in Brazil (Goiana Elite Pro Qualifier) during this weekend; the touristic and beautiful village of Nafplio (Ester Peloponnese, in Greece) is waiting to host the first international event celebrated in Europe, in this 2018 season.

The 1st. edition of “IFBB President Santonja´s Cup” will take place coming next 22nd to 24th March, and hundreds of athletes are waiting for this event, open to all the IFBB-affiliated National Federations, and included in the World Ranking (7 points for the winner, in every category).

This is not the only great interest of the event, as the contest is as well an Elite Pro Qualifier tournament, with up to 24 Elite Pro cards, for the Top 3 athletes in every of its 8 Sports Divisions. Even, the new Elite Pro athletes in Bodybuilding, Classic Bodybuilding, Men´s Physique, Bikini, and Bodyfitness will be eligible to participate at the linked IFBB Elite Pro Show of Nafplio, with 50.000 € in cash prizes that will be held, immediately after, a the same venue: the Municipal Stadium of Nafplio.

Organized by the well-known promoter and athlete, Anastasios Koligkionis, with the support of Greek Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation chaired by Jordan Leventelis; the President Santonja´s Cup offers the next disciplines:

Bodybuilding (Junior, Master & Absolute)
Classic Bodybuilding (Master & Absolute)
Men´s Physique (Master & Absolute)
Muscular Men´s Physique
Bodyfitness (Junior, Master & Absolute)
Bikini (Master & Absolute)
Women’s Physique