With a dynamic National Federation that organizes more than 100 Bodybuilding & Fitness competitions every year, Argentina is a fundamental country in the promotion of our sports, considering the growth throughout the American continent as well as the important challenges that the future holds for us, in the international events organized by the Olympic organizations.

For this reason, President Santonja, on his trip to Brazil to be present at the Pro-Am Open in Goiania -coming weekend (9th to 11th March)-; made a stopover in Buenos Aires to meet with the National Director of Sports , Dr. José García Maañon, accompanied by the President of the Argentine Federation (FAM), Mr. Fernando Loreiro and the Director of Competitions for South America Bodybuilding Confederation (CSFF), Mrs. Cristina Musumeci. With all of them, he analyzed several issues, as the presence of IFBB at the 11th South American Games to be held in Cochabamba (Bolivia), organized by the South American Sports Organization (ODESUR), next May 26th to June 8th.

Photo: Dr. José García Maañon (Argentina National Director of Sports), together with Dr. Rafael Santonja, Mr. Fernando Loreiro (FAM president) and Mrs. Cristina Musumeci (CSFF Executive).