Europe is preparing for the current season that will starts, in the continent, coming next 22nd March, in Nafplio (Greece), with the 1st. IFBB President Santonja´s Cup and the Judges Committee chaired by Mr. Pawel Filleborn is boosting the activities with the judges.

As an example, recent Saturday 3rd March, the Swiss Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (SBFV) chaired by Mr. Beat Geser organized, in Nottwill (Lucerna/Switzerland), an interesting Judges Seminar conducted by Mr. Filleborn, in which participated over 50 judges, coaches and athletes from Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria and Germany. A fantastic experience that offered german-talking judges, an excellent opportunity to be updated with the proper criteria to assess every IFBB official discipline.

Picture: SBFV president, Mr. Beat Geser and IFBB Judges Committee chairman, Mr. Pawel Filleborn (center; seated) surrounded by some of the participantes in the Seminar (above) and with other international judges and officials (below).