In his continuous activity, the Chairman of the IFBB Judges Committee, Mr. Pawel Filleborn; flu to Stockholm, on the recent Saturday, 23rd February; to deliver a new Seminar for judges, coaches, and athletes that was attended for more than 40 participants.

The main topics of the seminar were dedicated to Classic Physique and Wellness Disciplines and this was a 4th Seminar delivered by Mr. Filleborn in Sweden, demonstrating that the Swedish Federation (SKKF), chaired by Mrs. Susanne Johansson, take an important care to keep their judges updated with the IFBB rules, and supervising their skills.

Picture: Mr. Pawel Filleborn surrounded by the Swedish Judges where we find out some familiar faces in the IFBB international events as Rachid Misk (far left side), Kenneth Johannson -one of the most experienced international Judges- (third row, behind Mr. Misk), Susanne Johannson – SKKF president-, Per Sundstrom -chairman of the SKKF Judges Committee-, Maria Eriksson and Georgia Theodoridou (far right side).