If the youngest generations are the future of every sport, in Fitness the success is guaranteed after the amazing 2018 IFBB World Children Fitness Championships celebrated recent weekend 15th – 17th June, in Bratislava (Slovakia), with near 200 young girls and boys from 12 countries, representing Europe, Asia and America.

Organized in a perfect way from the Slovak Fitness, Bodybuilding & Powerlifting Association chaired by Mr. Boris Mlsna, its National Team took the victory at the Best Team Award, defeating the other countries and leading Hungary and Ukraine, on the podium.

The 2018 World Fitness Championships had 9 female categories –from 7 to 15 years old– and 3 male categories –from 9 to 15 y.o.-, introducing the next stars of our sports. Some of them, as Nelly Novodomska (Slovakia), are already icons of Fitness, after winning her 7th world title. ¡Future is already here!

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Picture: Amazing shoot from Josef Benc, with the young participants at the 2018 World Children Fitness Championships.