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their muscles and overall condition.                            and shape, with a small amount of
                      Competitors’ stage presence and                               body fat. Hair, make-up and
                    personality are also part of the judges’                        individual style of presentation are
                    verdict.                                                        also central to the event.
                    WOMEN’S BIKINI FITNESS                                          WOMEN’S PHYSIQUE
                    This category was introduced in 2011.                           The women’s physique division was
                      Overall body lines, balance and                               introduced at the beginning of 2013
                    proportions, body tone and healthy                              for women who want to prepare for
                    appearance are taken into                                       a heavier, bodybuilding-style body
                    consideration.                                                  but who do not want to be
                      The emphasis is on a well-shaped,                             extremely dried, lean and muscular.
                    fit, healthy and attractive appearance,                         Competitors want to remain athletic
                    similar to that of models.                                      and aesthetically pleasing.
                      Judges look for a well-shaped, fit,                             There are three rounds. In round
                    healthy and attractive appearance                               one - the semi-finals - competitors’
                    during two rounds, where athletes                               physiques and muscularity are
                    wear a two-piece bikini and high-heels.                         assessed during quarter turns and
                      Quarter-turns are performed in each                           four compulsory poses.
                    round, with a presentation also giving                            In the finals compulsory poses
                    athletes the chance to display their                            and the posedown are performed in
                    body whilst moving.                                             round two and a short, 30-second
                      Hard, lean muscles are not                                    posing routine to music of
                    considered necessary in the category,                           competitor’s choice in round three.
                    which is designed for women who aim                               There are two categories in this
                    to keep their body in shape and eat                             division: up to 163cm and over
                    healthily.                                                      163cm.

                                                    WOMEN’S BODY-FITNESS
                                                    This concept was introduced by the
                                                    IFBB in the early 90’s, starting as an
                                                    official competition in 1996 in
                                                    response to the increasing demand
                                                    for events for women who prefer to
                                                    develop a less muscular, yet athletic
                                                    and aesthetically pleasing physique.
                                                    It was also designed to show their
                                                    physiques in motion.
                                                      In women’s body fitness, the
                                                    emphasis is placed on a shapely,
                                                    athletic-looking physique, assessed
                                                    by comparisons of four quarter turns
                                                    and athletic ability, assessed during a
                                                    very attractive and dynamic fitness
                                                    style routine.
                                                      Athletes have the possibility to
                                                    show their figure in a short
                                                    individual presentation. Two rounds
                                                    of quarter turns in the bikini-style
                                                    costume of their own choice and
                                                    classic stiletto pump of any colour
                                                    are assessed. The top six competitors
                                                    then perform individual
                                                    presentations, before conducting
                                                    quarter turns as a group.
                                                      Overall athletic appearance is
                                                    judged, with focus on muscle tone

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