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size but remaining in balance and   In 2013, however, the IFBB
                                                 harmony, avoiding “weak points” or   cancelled women’s bodybuilding, so
                                                 underdeveloped muscles.         now the mixed pairs category is open
                                                   Preparing for a competition, they   for women participating in female
                                                 decrease their body fat level and   physique or female fitness or female
                                                 remove the underskin water to show   body fitness performing with male
                                                 the quality of muscles: density,   bodybuilder or male classic
                                                 separation and definition.      bodybuilder.
                                                   They display muscles during     Men from mixed-pairs perform
                                                 seven mandatory poses as well as the   mandatory poses in the same as in
                                                 posing routine which lasts 60   bodybuilding. Women perform these
                                                 seconds. The athletes perform all   poses in the same style as in women’s
                                                 rounds seated on the wheelchairs,   physique.
                                                 wearing long pants and sport shoes.   Male competitors wear the same
                                                   Currently, one open category is   attire as in bodybuilding, while
                                                 performed.                      women follow the same dress code as
                                                                                 in women’s physique.
                                                                                   Mixed pairs competition consists
                                                                                 of three rounds: Round one - the
                                                                                 semi-finals - are the comparisons.
                                                                                 Round two are mandatory poses and
                                                                                 round three are the posing routine in
                                                                                 the finals.
                                                                                   The overall physique of both
                                                                                 partners for the degree of proportion,
                                                                                 symmetry, muscle size and quality,
                 WOMEN’S WELLNESS                                                including density and separation, as
                 FITNESS                                                         well as skin tone is judged.
                 The wellness fitness division is                                  The couple will also be judged as                                               WORLD
                 intended for women who prefer a                                 a unit with particular attention
                 muscular physique without muscle                                being given to how well their
                 separation and who wish to be                                   individual physiques complement
                 athletic and aesthetically pleasing,                            each other and how well they move
                 with a bigger body mass than in                                 in unison.                                            CHAMPIONSHIPS
                 bikini fitness.                                                   In the routine round judges pay
                   Wellness fitness is placed                                    particular attention to how well
                 somewhere between bikini fitness                                each couple display their physiques
                 and women’s physique.                                           to music. Judges are looking for
                   The assessment of the physique,                               smooth, artistic, and well-
                 judging criteria and rounds are the                             choreographed routines which may
                 same as women’s bikini fitness.                                 include any number of poses,
                 Competitors perform quarter turns                               although a mandatory set poses
                 in all rounds plus individual   MIXED PAIRS                     must be included.
                 “I-walking” presentation in the   Mixed pairs were officially     The couple must also include
                 finals.                         recognised by the IFBB a sport   intermittent pauses during their
                   Vertical proportions - legs to   discipline in 1983 as a bodybuilding   routine to display the muscular
                 upper body length - are one of the   mixed pairs.               development of their physique.
                 key factors. Horizontal proportions
                 of hips and waist to shoulder width
                 may favour women with slightly
                 bigger hips, thighs and buttocks.
                   There are four wellness fitness
                 categories: up to 158cm, up to 163cm;
                 up to 168cm and over 168cm.

                 The IFBB wanted to create a division
                 to enable male wheelchair users to
                 compete in national and
                 international events, including
                 continental and World
                   Athletes train to develop all upper
                 body parts and muscles to maximum

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