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                                                   There are three rounds, including   round two, like in bodybuilding, free
                                                 one offering athletes the opportunity to   posing routines are performed to music
                                                 show their physique during 60-second   of the athletes’ choice.
                                                 free posing to music. Judges will assess   There are two assessments rounds,
                                                 each round, giving athletes individual   with the same rules as in bodybuilding.
                                                                                 MUSCULAR AND MEN’S
                                                 MEN’S CLASSIC                   PHYSIQUE
                                                 BODYBUILDING                    In 2012 the muscular and men’s
                                                 Classic bodybuilding is a version of the   physique division was officially
                                                 sport based on the classic physique   launched as a new IFBB sport
                                                 concept.                        discipline.
                                                   To create equal chances, the    It has proved to be a very popular
                                                 competitors’ bodyweight is limited   category so the IFBB has increased the
                                                 according to their body height,   number of men’s physique categories
                                                 following a special IFBB formula for   from two to six: 170cm, 173cm, 176cm,
                                                 each body height category.      179cm, 182cm and over 182cm.
                                                   Since muscle mass is limited, special   They perform two rounds of quarter
                                                 attention is paid to the overall view of   turns, wearing board shorts of their
                                                 the physique, body proportions and   choice.
                                                 lines, muscle shape and condition,   The second and final round begins
                                                 including density, body fat level,   with a short individual onstage
                                                 definition and details.         presentation of each competitor.
                                                   These values are assessed by the   Judges assess the shape and
                                                 judges during rounds one and three. In   symmetry of the athletes, as well as

                 MEN’S BODYBUILDING
                 Athletes train to develop all parts of
                 their body and muscles to maximum
                 size but in balance and harmony.
                   There should be no “weak points” or
                 underdeveloped muscles. Moreover,
                 they should follow a special pre-
                 competition training system, to
                 decrease the bodyfat level as low as
                 possible and remove the underskin
                 water to show the quality of muscles:
                 density, separation and definition.
                   The competitor who displays more
                 muscle details scores the highest. The
                 other matter to be assessed is general
                 view of the physique, which should be
                 proportionally built. Broad shoulders
                 and narrow waist, as well as adequately
                 long legs and shorter upper body, are
                 what the judges are looking for.
                   These qualities are displayed during
                 two physique assessment rounds when
                 competitors do seven mandatory poses
                 during comparisons of three to eight
                 athletes chosen by the judges.

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