2018 EBFF CHAMPS (2nd. session): WINNERS

The 2nd session of the 2018 European Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships held in Santa Susanna (Spain), has been another great experience for worldwide fans, as the event was broadcasted, in live, through video streaming.

Spain was, again, the most awarded country of the day based on its potential in Bodybuilding where – first-time ever-, the national federation chaired by Mr. José Ramos won the Junior and Master overall titles, besides one Men´s Physique Junior category.

The unforgettable session was completed with Master Bodyfitness and Wellness Fitness Divisions.


  • Junior Short (up to 174 cm): Berk Demiralp (Turkey)
  • Junior Middle (up to 178 cm): Javier Moreno (Spain)
  • Junior Tall (over 178 cm): Destine Obakhavbaye (Alemania)
  • Master 40-44 (Open):  Ricardo Ferreira (Portugal)
  • Master 45-49 (Open):  Antonio Damiano (Italy)
  • Master +50 (Open):  Costin Ilinca (Romania)
  • Short Class (up to 170 cm): Adrian Dlugokecki (Poland)
  • Short-Middle Class (up to 173 cm): Renatas Suleimanovas (Lithuania)
  • Middle Class (up to 176 cm): Cristiano Iommetti (Italy)
  • Middle-Tall Class (up to 179 cm):  Pierre Eriksson (Sweden)
  • Tall Class (up to 182 cm): Tolga Hatay (Ireland)
  • Super Tall Class (over 182 cm): Momar Bah (Finland)


  • Overall Master Men´s Physique: Antonio Damiano (Italy)
  • Overall Junior Men´s Physique: Destine Obakhavbaye (Alemania)
  • Overall Men´s Physique: Renatas Suleimanovas (Lithuania)



  • Junior (up to 75 Kg.): Pedro Gallardo (Spain)
  • Junior (over 75 Kg.): Arthur Mileris (Lithuania)
  • Master 40-44 y.o. (up to 80 Kg):  Julio Portet (Spain)
  • Master 40-44 y.o. (up to 90 Kg):  Zbynek Ceradsky (Czech Rep.)
  • Master 40-44 y.o. (over 90 Kg):  Ivan Surovtsev (Russia)
  • Master 45-49 y.o. (up to 80 Kg): Oscar Marín (Spain)
  • Master 45-49 y.o. (up to 90 Kg): José Luis Castaño (Spain)
  • Master 45-49 y.o. (over 90 Kg):  Juan Machado (Spain)
  • Weelchair (Open):  Muhammet Ali Bulgay (Turkey)


  • Overall Master Bodybuilding: Juan Machado (Spain)
  • Overall Junior Bodybuilding: Pedro Gallardo (Spain)



  • Master 35-39 y.o. (open): Tatyana Tymoshenko (Switzerland)
  • Master 40-44 y.o. (open): Elena Rakcheeva (Russia)
  • Master +45 y.o. (open): Esta Pilt (Estonia)
  • Overall Master Bodyfitness: Elena Rakcheeva (Russia)


  • Short (up to 158 cm): Sabrina Villari (Malta)
  • Middle (up to 163 cm): Nikoletta Sularz (Poland)
  • Tall (over 163 cm): Olga Kulinych (Ukraine)
  • Overall Wellness: Olga Kulinych (Ukraine)