In a recent visit to capital city Doha, President Santonja met with Adel Al Ansari and other officials from the IFBB affiliated organization, in Qatar; noticing the growth of Bodybuilding in the country.


Adel Al Ansari is a young and dynamic IFBB official that is promoting our sport in the area, being as well a very successful business man and CEO of two sport companies: Supplement House, and Diet House. Both are an original franchise concept of healthy and fitness food restaurants. Both companies, beside, sponsored some of the recent Bodybuilding and Men´s Physique events, in Qatar.


Picture: Qatar and Bodybuilding brings good news, very often, as in this moment: President Santonja celebrating the full recognition of IFBB in the Pan American Olympic Family, with Mr. Adel Al Ansari (left), General Juan Santiago Estrada (IFBB Advisor and General Secretary of the Nicaraguan Olympic Committee) and his wife Melania (right), Antonio Espinos (President of the World Karate Federation), and other members from the Qatar Bodybuilding Federation.