IFBB developed this section called “WHISTLEBLOWING”, where you can get in touch with IFBB and share information related to doping in total confidence.

In this section, anti-doping intelligence captured or received is handled securely and confidentially, sources of intelligence are protected, the risk of leaks or inadvertent disclosure is properly addressed, and intelligence shared with you by law enforcement, other relevant authorities and/or other third parties, is processed, used and disclosed only for legitimate anti-doping purposes.

Designed to protect clean athletes, this section can be used to report information on any suspected breach of the World Anti-Doping Code.

It is a secure way for you to report to IFBB any activity that you think goes against anti-doping rules, by sending a text message and also having the possibility to upload files related to what you report.


You may report any alleged Anti-Doping Rule Violation or any act or omission that could undermine the fight against doping in our sport.

Anyone can report a doping misconduct. If you have detected, identified, witnessed or know of, or have reasonable grounds for suspecting that cheating has occurred, we encourage you to let us know by clicking on the link, filling and submitting the form below:

IFBB Whistleblowing Form

Note: If you have information on bribery, corruption or any other allegation that does not involve doping, please report your information through the appropriate law enforcement agencies.


To ensure that the information you send us is private and confidential, we suggest that you follow these guidelines:

  • Access IFBB website directly by copying or writing the URL address https://ifbb.com/anti-doping-rules/  in an internet browser rather than by clicking on a link;
  • Click on “IFBB Whistleblowing” section;
  • Access the IFBB Whistleblowing Form
  • File your report from your personal computer;
  • Do not use a PC that is connected to a network/intranet.

You can also choose whether or not you wish to leave your personal details. if not, you should make sure that your personal details do not appear in the file properties of any files you upload into the form.