The IFBB World Men’s Championships together with the IFBB Women’s World Cup started the day after the IFBB World Congress in Santa Susana, with the impressive participation of over a thousand of athletes.

As 2022 IFBB World Champions in their respective categories were crowned; Khalid Mohamed Obaid Mohamed from United Arab Emirates in Men’s Physique, Seyed Ayoub Hosseini from Iran in Classic Physique, Karolis Linkevicius from Lithuania in Bodybuilding
and Mohammad Khalesihaghighi from Iran in  Classic  Bodybuilding.

Congratulations to all!!

At the IFBB Women’s World Cup, Mathilde Tardieu from France in Wellness category, Anastasiya Voskresenska from Ukraine in Bodyfitness, and Michelle Reis from Germany in Bikini fitness, among others, obtained the prestigious title!

In the Teams Classification, Iran got the first position in senior categories and Slovakia in Masters!

In the framework of this great celebration of sport, the IFBB Women’s Fitness Challenge World Championships took place as well, and the victories were for Eirini Zora from Greece in the Silver Category, Andra Moistus in Gold category and Elena Novac & Cosmin Marcuta in mixed and female couples categories!

In the teams categories, we congratulate the team of Hungary who obtained the first position!

The men’s edition of this year’s IFBB Fitness Challenge World Championships will be held in Iran, next December. To all our male athletes….Get ready for the battle!