On Sunday, September 6th, with an amazing and long awaited show, held in Riga, capital city of Latvia, in the fashionable Studio69 venue site, took place the first Latvian fitness sport event of this year “IFBB International Latvian Cup Riga Pearl 2020”. The event was organized by the Latvian Bodybuilding, Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation (LBFBF).

The competition brought together athletes in various women’s and men’s sports disciplines: bikini fitness, bodyfitness, bodybuilding, men’s physique and others. Athletes from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia and Belarus took part in the competition. Especially the bikini fitness categories were particularly intense, with a total of 30 athletes participating.

There was emotional tension among the athletes, as this was the first competition of the season. Athletes, spectators and judges together in the elegant and cozy atmosphere of the Studio69 Concert Hall created a particularly festive atmosphere of a sports and beauty event! Remarkable event stood out with the professional organization of competitions, great awards, the presence of athletic and beautiful athletes.

The final of the “Fit Model Latvia” project also took place within the IFBB Latvian Cup. The participants delighted the audience with the stage presentation in swimsuits.


Women`s Bikini fitness -162cm

1st place: Ieva Keturakyte (Lithuania)

2nd place: Darya Yaromenka (Belarus)

3rd place: Aiste Urbonaviciute (Lithuania)


Women`s Bikini fitness -166cm

1st place: Larisa Marija Agafonova (Latvia)

2nd place: Olga Grigorjeva (Latvia)

3rd place: Kristle Tamm (Estonia)


Women`s Bikini fitness -172cm

1st place: Kamile Leonovic (Lithuania)

2nd place: Marina Zvančuka (Latvia)

3rd place: Laura Johanna Derkun (Estonia)


Women`s Bikini fitness +172cm

1st place: Evelina Stulginskaite (Lithuania)

2nd place: Neda Silkinyte (Lithuania)

3rd place: Valiantsina Karatchenia (Belarus)


Women`s Bikini fitness Overall

Evelina Stulginskaite (Lithuania)


Women`s Masters Bikini fitness

1st place: Marina Zvančuka (Latvia)

2nd place: Laura Johanna Derkun (Estonia)

3rd place: Relika Merilai (Estonia)

Men`s Classic Bodybuilding open

1st place: Marius Sileika (Lithuania)

2nd place: Edgaras Gaveika (Lithuania)

3rd place: Arnas Terekas (Lithuania)


Women`s Bodyfitness

1st place: Julita Ciunyte (Lithuania)

2nd place: Julija Pajula (Latvia)

3rd place: Liina Lapteyko (Russia)


Men`s Physique open

1st place: Aliaksandr Laurou (Belarus)

2nd place: Vytas Jusas (Lithuania)

3rd place: Rasmus Klaos (Estonia)


Women`s Wellness Fitness

1st place: Ketlin Kuuskne (Estonia)

2nd place: Regina Tselik (Estonia)

3rd place: Inita Ķiršakmene (Latvija)


Men`s Bodybuilding

1st place: Andrius Talacka (Lithuania)

2nd place: Marius Sileika (Lithuania)


Women`s Fit Model Project

1st place: Laura Kazaka (Latvia)

2nd place: Inna Anisimova (Latvia)

3rd place: Diana Kivacka (Latvia)

We are immersed in a health international emergency as a consequence of the Covid-19 epidemic.

In this situation, we must follow the applicable national and international regulations and the advice from governments and sanitary authorities.

All this has to be done with positive energy and best spirit, maintaining our focus on the fact that any epidemical situation has expansion, stabilization and reduction periods, and that with adequate care, this nightmare is going to be a bad memory soon.

By all means, the integrity of our athletes, officials, judges and of all who integrate our community is now and always essential. We are a family in sport and life.

We can expect to reach the epidemic peak and a progressive settle down, as is already happening in some of the countries in suffering this situation at first instance.

In conclusion, let’s be confident and keep working as a team, following the decisions from the competent authorities. Some events have been canceled and others are being rescheduled to a new date in which we may be able to celebrate with our athletes and friends our passion for sport and healthy lifestyle.

We recommend you visit the IFBB Calendar at our website www.IFBB.com on a regular basis, so that you may be fully updated on events and schedule.

Wishing you, your families and beloved one’s good health, and hoping that the situation will be back to normality as soon as possible

All the events that were planned for March and April are being postponed and rescheduled