tor, John Calascione.

Under the direction of IFBB Physique America Texas Chairperson, Chanan Siglock and the exuberant personality of Promoter Justin “Boflex” Bohannan, the 2018 IFBBPA MAVS Charity Classic Dallas had 41 competitors, a monumental feat considering it was done with just 9 weeks prep and a new organization that had no members until February. Justin with the help of his co-promoter Don Robinson, presented the event in the Cavanaugh Military Museum, one of the most unique and exciting locations for a competition in the centre of fighter jets, helicopters, jeeps and tanks. The winners opted for Pro Status in IFBB Elite Pro over Brazil and will be representing IFBBPA in Montreal in July for their pro debut with all expenses paid by IFBB Physique America.

Not to be outdone, Florida State Chairman and show Promoter George Jonson along with Co-Promoter Carlos Cortes, rocked the staged at the IFBBPA Florida Classic at the historic Crest Theater in Del Ray Beach with 66 competitors. “Having so many competitors, again, in a new Federation with less than 3 months lead time is a testament to State Chairman George Jonson and his crew” asserts IFBB PA Executive Assistant to the President, Jim Rockell. The show featured a horde of exceptional physiques. Of the winners, one athlete decided to compete in Brazil while the others chose Pro Status in IFBB Elite Pro and will make their pro debut in Montreal in July with IFBB Physique America paying travel and hotel expenses.

The final show of the trifecta was the IFBBPA Northeast Championship, presented by veteran Promoter Joe Christiano. On a snowy Saturday in Rochester, a gem was discovered in the overall Men’s Bodybuilding Champion, Jonathan Reid. Jonathan will be recommended for Pro Status in IFBB Elite Pro and will represent IFBBPA at his pro debut in Montreal, Canada in July. The IFBBPA Northeast Championship is one of many events that will be presented in New York in the future and a plethora of Promoters have come forward to join the IFBBPA Movement in the Empire State.

We thank all the athletes who participated in our initial events. Overall winners of the Men’s Bodybuilding, Men’s Classic Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique, Women’s Figure, Women’s Wellness and Women’s Bikini open categories will either go to Brazil, all expenses paid in April, to represent the United States in Arnold Classic South America or obtain pro status and receive an all-expense paid trip to Montreal in July to compete in the Montreal Pro.  This is the first step in giving to the athletes and fulfilling the promise that so many people doubted we would do” pontificated IFBB Physique America CEO/President, Wayne S. DeMilia.

Picture: (left to right) Connecticut Chairman, Al Alfredo, Florida Promoter & Judge Paco Hernandez, New England Vice President Dave Follansbee, Executive Assistant to the President Jim Rockell, Facebook Social Media Director & Judge Jennie Porcelli, IFBBPA President/CEO Wayne S. DeMilia, Florida Chairman & Promoter George Jonson, Instagram Social Media Director & Judge Petra Mertl, Judge Jorge Prince, Judge Dr. William D’Addio, Judge Dr. Perry Bard, Judge & Promoter Dayana Cadeau.

We are immersed in a health international emergency as a consequence of the Covid-19 epidemic.

In this situation, we must follow the applicable national and international regulations and the advice from governments and sanitary authorities.

All this has to be done with positive energy and best spirit, maintaining our focus on the fact that any epidemical situation has expansion, stabilization and reduction periods, and that with adequate care, this nightmare is going to be a bad memory soon.

By all means, the integrity of our athletes, officials, judges and of all who integrate our community is now and always essential. We are a family in sport and life.

We can expect to reach the epidemic peak and a progressive settle down, as is already happening in some of the countries in suffering this situation at first instance.

In conclusion, let’s be confident and keep working as a team, following the decisions from the competent authorities. Some events have been canceled and others are being rescheduled to a new date in which we may be able to celebrate with our athletes and friends our passion for sport and healthy lifestyle.

We recommend you visit the IFBB Calendar at our website www.IFBB.com on a regular basis, so that you may be fully updated on events and schedule.

Wishing you, your families and beloved one’s good health, and hoping that the situation will be back to normality as soon as possible

All the events that were planned for March and April are being postponed and rescheduled